Visit Betanzos; a travel guide to the town of Betanzos, Spain

Betanzos, Galicia

Visit Betanzos

Betanzos is in the province of A Coruna in the Galicia region of Spain.

Betanzos is considered to be one of Spain's most beautiful towns.

Visit Betanzos, Spain

Betanzos is a beautiful town.The oldest parts of the town lie near the river estuary and there are still parts of the medieval walls, though these usually form parts of the houses.  Near to the river the buildings tend to have glassed in white balconies, quite traditional to the area.

Enter the old town through the Arco da Pont Nova which is the original gateway to the town, and, not suprisingly, found near to the Pont Nova (bridge). The old town is built on a steep slope and narrow streets meander upwards. Ambling through the streets is a real pleasure. As you wander you will discover Gothic churches and many lovely houses.

Betanzos also has an interesting park called O Pasatempo which was founded by Juan Garcia Naveira who made his fortune in Argentina in the late 19th century and, with his brother, came back wealthy men and built hospitals and schools. The park has many sculptures and murals depicting the strange and wonderful things in the world.

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