flag of Spain
Flag of Spain


Here are a few simple phrases that might make your holiday in Spain an easier and friendlier experience for you.

Remember there are areas of Spain where little English will be spoken and so a few words and a lot of sign language will be needed.

Prononciation Guide

  • H : Do not pronounce at all
  • LL : Pronounce similar to the y in yacht
  • V
  • B and V : Do not pronounce



Buenos dias : Good day

Buenos noches : Good night

Hola : Hello

el senor : sir/gentleman

la senora : madam

la senorita : miss

Cafes and Restaurants

Por favor : Please

(Muchas) Gracias : Thank you (very much)

Qué desea? : What would you like?

Digame? : Can I help you?

Me trae la cuenta? : Can I have the bill?

Cuànto es, por favor? : How much is it, please?

carta/menu : menu

Food and Drinks

cuchara : soup

helado : ice_cream

la cerveza : beer

el vino : wine

limonade : lemonade

agua : water


Estoy de vacaciones : I am on holiday

De donde es usted? : Where are you from?

Soy de Inglaterra/Esocia/Gales/Irlande : I am from England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland

Soy inglesa/Soy inglesa (female) : I am English

escocés/escocesa : Scots

galés/galesa : Welsh

irlandés/irlandesa : Irish

americano/americana : American

austaliano/australiana : Australian

canadiense/canadiendsa : Canadian

los Estados Unidos : the United States

Australia : Australia

Canadà : Canada

Espana : Spain


Tienen habitaciones libres? : Have you any rooms free?

Qué tipo de habitacion desean? : What kind of room do you want?

individual : single room

doble : double

con ducha : with a shower

Qué precios tienen? : What are your prices?


si : yes

no vno

muy bien vvery well

caro : expensive

barato : cheap

abre : open

cierra : closed

Useful Expressions

Les puedo ayudar en algo? : Can I help you

No hay problema : No problem