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A Coruna is the capital of the province of A Coruna in the Galicia region of Spain. A Coruna is known as Coruna in English, and as La Coruna in much of Spain.

A Coruna is on the coast of Galicia and it was from here that the Armada set out to attack England in 1588. It has been an important Spanish port since Roman times and its most famous landmark, the Hercules lighthouse was built by Romans and rebuilt in the 18th century.

A Coruna has a faily large medieval old town and a reasonably attractive and modern city has grown up around this.

Visit A Coruna, Spain

The Torre de Hercules is the oldest working lighthouse in Europe. It is possible to climb the square tower and get views across the town and ocean.

The old town is protected from the sea by a wall and behind this are attractive narrow streets and a couple of Romanesque churches, the Santiago church and the Santa Maria del Campo.

Jutting out to the sea at the end of the old town is the Castelo San Anton that was a military garrison and is now an archaeology museum.

Coruna city has some handsome squares, the main one being the 'Maria Pitt' square overlooked by the 'monumental' Town Hall.

The newer town of La Coruna is often referred to as the 'City of Glass' as many of its tall houses have tiers of glassed-in balconies to protect them from the sea wind. The sea promenade called 'La Marina' is a good place to see these and also to enjoy a sea-side stroll.

Museums in A Coruna

The Museo Militar has an extensive collection of military items.

The Museo Arqueoloxico e Historico contains archaeological artefacts but also offers a great view of the bay.

Places near A Coruna

The attractive town of Betanzos is a little inland of La Coruna.

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