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A Guarda, also known as La Guardia is in the province of Pontevedra in the Galicia region of Spain.

La Guardia is a coastal town at the very southern tip of the Atlantic part of Spain. Beyond this point you enter Portugal. From A Guarda you can walk across an iron bridge, designed by Eiffel, over the River Minho and into Portugal and the town of Valenca do Minho.

A Guarda is worth visiting primarily for the remains of a large Celtic settlement.

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A Guarda's Celtic settlement dates from between 600 and 200 BC. It is on the slopes of Monte de Santa Tecla and there are the remains of about a hundred round stone houses. These are all enclosed by a stone wall running the perimeter of the site. A couple of them have been restored, complete with thatched rooves, to give you an idea of what they looked like when they were habited.

If you proceed to the top of the hill there is a church and an archeological museum containing finds from the site.

View from the Monte de Santa Tecla over the Ria and estury below are another good reason to visit the Celtic Settlement.

Down in the town of A Guarda there are a couple of small beaches.

A Guarda is well-known for its seafood and especially for its lobster.

Museums in La Guardia

Museo de Monte de Santa Tefla - an archeological museum with finds from the Celtic Settlement at A Guarda.

Places near A Guarda

The Coastal route down from Padron to A Guarda allows you to see some of the splendid Rias - the beautiful river esturies and lovely beaches that have made this part of the coast, the Rias Baixas, a popular holiday spot for the Spanish.

10km north of A Guarda is the monastery of Santa Maria, situated on the beach at Oia. There are lots of wild horses roaming the surrounding hills.

Close to A Guarda is the town of Baiona where Christopher Columbus landed after discovering America. You can visit a life size replica of his ship here.

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