Visit Aguero; a travel guide to the village of Aguero in the Los Mallos mountains in Spain

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Aguero is in the Aragon region of Spain in the Huesca province.

Visit Aguero

It is a small, attractive village which sits nestled into the Los Mallos mountains. The Los Mallos mountains, also known as 'the ninepins', are strange pinky-grey lumpy mountains with two distinct sections, one at Riglos and one at Aguero. They are really more of a massive rock formation than a mountain and are more than 900 feet high. They are very well-loved by mountain climbers and abseilers.

The village itself is small and its main attraction is the 12th century Santiago church. Take a walk up a track from the village to get to this church. Inside this Romanesque church take a look at the capitals (columns) as they are carved with weird and wonderful beasts as well as various bible scenes. The doorway too has some excellent carvings.

The other church in Aguero, the San Salvador church, also has some wonderful carvings on its doorway. The carvings are by the same craftsman who did the nearby monastery of San Juan de la Pena. His name is unknown but he is known as the Master of San Juan de la Pena and his carvings at the monastery are thought to be amongst the best Romanesque carvings in the whole of Spain.

As you wander around the village the mountains are always visible, looming up above the houses and providing a wonderful backdrop to the village.

There is a small budget hotel in Aguero which also has a restaurant if you wish to admire the mountains whilst stopping for lunch.

The main festival in Aguero is held over 6 days from the 16th August and include local theatrical productions.

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Riglos is another village dominated by the Los Mallos mountains. You can get some of the best views of the mountains from here.

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