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Almodovar del Rio is a small town set on the edge of the Parque Natural Hornachuelos. It is 24 kilometers from the town of Cordoba. The town is dominated by the Castillo de Almodovar that sits on top of a hill above the town.

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Spain This Way comment: The castle is one of the best preserved in Spain and also featured in Game of Thrones.

Most people come for the castle but Almodovar del Rio itself is a pretty town with the gleaming white buildings with bright colours painted around windows and doors and in the flowers decorating balconies throughout the town.

There are various monuments to look out for including the 17th century Inmaculada Concepcion church in Baroque style and the Chapel of Nuestra Senora del Rosario y San Sebastian which is built in Andalucian Baroque style from the 18th century.

Almodovar del Rio

The chapel and convent of Nuestra Senora de Gracia dates back to the 17th century and its entrance is one of the oldest in town.

Ceramics, Mosaics and leatherworks are important crafts in Almodovar del Rio and there are various workshops that you can visit in the town to admire the artworks.

However the main attraction is the Castle of Almodovar which was built in 740 by the Moors on the site of a previous Roman fortress. During the Middle Ages the castle was altered and renovated on various occasions and eventually fell into disrepair.


In the early 20th century Count Torravala, with the help of the architect Adolfo Fernandez Casanova, restored the castle to its current glory. This restoration involved eight hundred workers and took thirty-six years! The castle is now one of the best preserved in Andalucia.

The Castillo de Almodovar recently achieved fame and recognition throughout the world as it featured in the 7th series of the Game of Thrones as House Tyrell's home 'Highgarden' and also as parts of the House of Lannister's 'Casterly Rock'.

Inside the castle you can see displays of armour and weapons as well as a torture chamber. You can also eat in the castle's own taberna which has a terrace with views.

From the castle you get excellent views over the plains to the south and over the Parque Natural de Hornachuelos and the Sierra Morena to the north.

Castle of Almodovar

Where to visit nearby?

Near to the town there is the La Brena reservoir which is very popular for its beach and its water sports and also has walking and cycling trails. There is also a restaurant and a campsite.

Portus Romano on the right bank of the River Guadalquivir has important Roman remains.

The Natural Park of Hornachuelos has some excellent walking trails through the Andalucian mountain scenery.

Cordoba is a beautiful town and the stunning Mezquita should definitely not be missed when you are in the area.

Osuna is a town with lots of beautiful Baroque buildings and featured in the fifth series of Game of Thrones and lots of the locals were involved in the fight scenes.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Cordoba guide, and the Andalucia guide.

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