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Haria is a village on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Haria is a small village in the north of Lanzarote. It was once home to the Lanzarote-born artist César Manrique.

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The area surrounding Haria is known as the Valley of a Thousand Palms as it is covered in palm trees. The area has long been home to an abundance of Palm trees but in the 16th century pirates set fire to them all. This prompted the villagers to start a planting policy whereby one palm tree was planted for every girl born and two for every boy! The result is that Haria is once again the 'Valley of a Thousand Palms'.

Buildings in Haria, like most on the island, are white and with the abundant palms the village is very attractive. At the heart of the village is its shady square, the Plaza Leon y Castillo with its small church and Sacred Art Museum.

As well as the palm trees Haria has another claim to fame. It was the home of local artist César Manrique when he returned from a three year spell in New York. When Manrique moved out of his home in Haria his friends set up the César Manrique foundation which they operated from the house. When Manrique died the house was opened as the Casa/Museo Cesar Henrique and visitors can see his house and landscaped garden as well as artworks by Manrique and other artists including sketches by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro. There is also a small cafe and a shop.

Haria is a quiet spot, certainly not the place for holidaymakers looking for a lively nightlife. However it is a popular base with walkers and mountain bikers wanting to explore this beautiful part of the island.

Places to visit near Haria

The Mirador de Haria, 5km out of the village has a great viewpoint. The Bosquecillo at the top is a picnic spot.

Also north of Haria is the Mirador del Rio, This is an old fortress which has been turned into a cafe and occupies a spectacular position where the Risco de Famara mountains meet the ocean - superb!

Mirador del Rio

The Cueva de los Verdas, the Green Cave, is an amazing naturally formed, 6km long larva tunnel, It is the longest in the world and 2kms of it are open to the public.The nearby Jameos del Agua tube 'blew' part of its roof and this can now be entered. In the first cave is a small bar next to a small lake. The lake is home to a species of blind, albino crabs unique to this location. Walk around the lake to the second cave - the spectacular 'Jameo Grande' cavern.

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