Visit Laredo; a travel guide to the town of Laredo, Spain

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Laredo is in the province of Cantabria  in the Asturias and Cantabria region of Spain.

Laredo is one of Cantabria's most popular beach resorts.

Explore Laredo

Laredo has a fantastic beach - the Playa de la Salve -  it sweeps round in a 5km long curve and as Laredo sits on the edge of a sheltered inlet, from the beach you are looking across the water to the tree coloured hills above Santona on the other side of the inlet. It really is a delightful spot and the reason why Laredo has become one of northern Spain's most popular holiday resorts.

At one end of the beach is the lovely old port of Laredo dotted with small boats and sheltered by a rocky outcrop of land on the other.

As well as its beach Laredo has an attractive medieval centre, Pueblo Vieja,  where some of its original defensive walls can be spotted. These were originally built to defend the town from attack by pirates. With narrow streets dotted with 16th and 18th century houses and many of the balconied houses typical of Cantabria it is a pleasure to explore.

The streets lead upwards to the 13th century church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion, inside of which is a magnificent Flemish altar and some excellent carvings.

If you can, visit Laredo on the last Friday of August when Laredo has its Battle of the Flowers fiesta. Large floats decorated entirely in flowers lead a procession through town. At the end of the festival a giant sardine is buried on the beach.

Laredo has a good selection of hotels, bars and restaurants and a lively night scene.

Places to Visit Nearby

On the other side of the bay is the small beach resort of Santona.

The nearby village of Sonabia has a beach above which, on the mountainside, are bizarre rock formations known as the 'devils eyes'.

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