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Mogrovejo is in the Cantabrias province in the Asturias and Cantabria region of Spain. It lies to the east of the Asturias capital of Oviedo.

Exploring Mogrovejo

Mogrovejo is a beautiful little village nestled into the mountain scenery of the Picos de Europa mountain range. Mogrovejo has been listed as a site of historic and cultural significance. Its houses of stone and brick often have distinctive wrought iron or wooden balconies and impressive entrances. Most were built in the 16 - 18th centuries and many look like they have not changed very much since.

Really it is not for specific sights that you visit Mogrovejo it is the beauty of the village as a whole with its rather alpine style houses with their lovely balconies and the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains that make this village such a pleasure to visit. Indeed it is one of Spain's most beautiful villages. There are however certain buildings to look out for:

Places to see in Mogrovejo, Spain

The Tower of Mogrovejo is its most distinctive feature. It is 21 meters tall and has a crenellated top. The tower is currently empty inside. The tower can be seen from all around the village and is thought to date from the late 13th century.

There is also an attractive church in Flemish gothic style and several baroque houses to be seen in the village.

Places to Visit Nearby

Nearby Potes is an attractive small village in a picturesque spot.

Llanes is the nearest coastal town and is one of the prettiest towns in Spain as well.

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