Visit San Sebastian de la Gomera; a travel guide to the town of San Sebastian, Spain

Photo of San Sebastian de la Gomera (Canary Islands region)

Visit San Sebastian de la Gomera

San Sebastian is on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

San Sebastian is the main town on the island of La Gomera.

Visit San Sebastian de la Gomera, Spain

San Sebastian de la Gomera is the main town and port on the fascinating island of La Gomera. San Sebastian itself was a stopping point for Christopher Columbus as he set sail for the Americas. There is a well in the town which is said to have been used to stock up his water supplies and a church, the Iglesia de la Virgen de las Suncion, where he and his crew are said to have prayed before their voyage. If you head for the Casa Condal which houses the tourist office you can pick up a leaflet covering the full Christopher Columbus trail.

Near to  the town is the Torre del Conde which is San Sebastian's most important historic building. It is a military tower built in 1447. Beatriz de Bodadilla barricaded herself into the tower to escape from her cruel husband. Beatriz de Bodadilla was linked to Christopher Columbus and one of the reasons for his various trips to the island. Upon hearing of her marriage Columbus never came back to la Gomera.

For excellent views over San Sebastian and the surrounding mountains and over the sea to Tenerice, head up hill to the Parador de la Gomera. This is also an excellent hotel if you are looking for accommodation, with its stunning cliff-top views and Castilian and Elizabethan-style interiors.

Museums in San Sebastian de la Gomera

Casa del Colon - a museum dedicated to Christopher Columbus

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