Segovia; a travel guide to Segovia in Spain, home to the fairy-tale Alcazar.

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Segovia is in the province of Segovia in the region of Castile and Leon.

Segovia is a wonderful city with three famous sights; one of the world's most famous aqueducts, the Alcazar fortress which inspired Walt Disney and a beautiful Gothic Cathedral. Segovia is also within easy reach of Madrid. To drive takes less than an hour and there are regular buses and trains from Madrid to Segovia each day.

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The town sits on top of a rocky ridge with mountains surrounding it. Its altitude makes it a good choice to shelter from the high Madrid temperatures and many of its streets and squares are car free making it the perfect antidote to Madrid's constant bustle.

As well as the main three attractions Segovia has a number of Romanesque churches, various beautiful mansions and it is surrounded by walls built in the 8th century (largely renovated in the 15th century).

The city is built of a lovely honey-coloured stone. There are various well-marked walks leading out of the city into the surrounding countryside from where you get magnificent views of the city towering above.

The old city of Segovia and the aqueduct are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Highlights of Segovia

The aqueduct of Segovia was built by Romans in the first century AD. It has 166 arches set in two tiers and stands 29 metres high at its highest point. It is a very impressive sight.

The Alcazar is a mass of turrets and towers and was the inspiration to Walt Disney for the castle in Disneyland, California. The original fortress was built in the middle-ages but the current structure was largely built in the late 1800s following a fire. From inside you can get fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.

The cathedral of Segovia was one of the last Gothic cathedrals to be built in Spain. It along with the Alcazar gives the city a breathtaking skyline.

Another superb religious building in Segovia is the Vera Cruz church built by the Knights Templar. The building is round like many Knights Templar churches in recognition of Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Also to see is the Casa de los Picos, a mansion with an unusual (though not very beautiful) facade studded with diamond shaped stones. The Plaza de San Martin nearby is one of the most impressive in the city, surrounded by attractive buildings. Head for the Plaza Mayor to stop for a drink and to soak in the atmosphere.

On the outskirts of town is the summer palace and gardens of La Granja. A little further away is the palace of Riofrio, originally a hunting lodge.

Museums in Segovia, Spain

Hunting Museum, Riofrio Palace.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Contemporary Art Museum, Plaza de San Martin

Museo de Brujeria, a fascinating display of witchcraft; vampires, torture etc

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