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The Metropol-Parasol is an amazing structure found at the Plaza Encarnacion about 10 minutes walk north of the cathedral. Seville has loads of great historic buildings but this modern structure is well worth a stop as you explore Seville's vibrant centre.

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The Metropol Parasol is a beautiful structure made of wood. It was designed by Jurgen Mayer and built in 2001. It consists of six parasols or 'mushrooms' and is built over 3 floors. The design was apparently inspired by the vaults of Seville cathedral. In the basement is the Antiquarium where you can visit the Roman and Moorish remains that were discovered on the site.

On the ground floor is an indoor market and above this on floor 1 is a large plaza which sits underneath the wooden parasols and provides shade for various events that take place here.

Metropol Parasol

However apart from the very sight of this wonderful building with its flowing curves and waffle-like wooden structure it is floors 2 and 3 that are the real treat as here you can walk on walkways on top of the parasols and admire the tremendous views from here. There is also a restaurant where you can sit for a coffee or meal and enjoy the views. It is open until 11 o clock at night and so you can enjoy night and day views.

Access to the upper floors of the parasol is just 3 euros - an absolute bargain! The Metropol-Parasol did cause some controversy as design problems led to a huge overspend but the resultant structure is very beautiful and in the 5 years since we first visited the neighbouring buildings appear to have had a thorough smartening up too!


The parasol claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world and is made of birch reinforced with glue. The parasols measure about 150 by 70 meters in total.

The Antiquarium museum

Moorish and Roman remains dating from the 1st century BC to 12 AD were discovered on the site of the Parasol and these remains were incorporated into the design. They are displayed in a large glass walled room in the basement of the structure.

There are the remains of 7 houses with mosaic floors as well as columns and fish salting vats. Mosaics on the floors reveal pictures of laurel wreaths and diadems as well as the 'kissing birds' which are the symbol of the Antiquarium. There is also a mosaic of Medusa.

Metropol Parasol

Places to visit nearby

Seville is a wonderful city to visit. Its main historic sights are the cathedral, the Giralda tower and the Real Alcazar and the Plaza de Espana though there are many more historic sights. Its main districts, the Centro district, the winding streets of the Santa Cruz district and the bullring and riverside area of the El Arenal districts are also key to the charm of Seville.

Seville is also well placed for an overnight trip to Ronda, a stunning 'white town' built on the edge of a huge gorge. An easy day trip is to the nearby town of Carmona which has a number of interesting sights to see.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Seville guide and the Andalucia guide.

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