Tarazona; a travel guide to the medieval town of Albarracin, home to a wealth of Moorish architecture

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Tarazona is in the Aragon region of Spain in the Zaragoza province.

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Tarazona is an excellent town to head for to see the beautiful Mudejar architecture for which Aragon is renowned. It is often referred to as the 'Mudejar city'. Tarazona is built in tiers above the Queiles River and the upper quarters 'the Barrios Altos' are the most interesting.

Heading up towards the Plaza de Espana you wander through narrow lanes of medieval buildings. On the Plaza de Espana is the fabulous 'ayuntamiento', the 16th century town hall. The town hall has a frieze showing Ferdinand and Isabella as they conquered Grenada. From the square take the 'Ruta Touristica' up to the Santa Magdalena church whose Mudejar tower is the main landmark on the skyline of Tarazona. There are excellent views of the town and countryside from here. Look out particularly for the Plaza de Toros, a circular bull-ring which is the only inhabited bullring in the world. Further up hill from the Santa Magdalena church is the La Concepcion church which also has a Mudejar tower.

In the lower town is the cathedral. This is a wonderful structure with a Gothic structure, Mudejar towers with their lovely almost lace-like brickwork, a Moorish cloister and a Renaissance facade.

Tarazona used to have a large Jewish presence until Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. There is a Jewish section, the Juderia, in Tarazona and you can see 'hanging houses' which are built on top of rock formations including caves which were once used by the Jews. Interesting more than 60 medieval Jewish documents have recently been found in the cathedral. These were inserted into 14th century books in the cathedrals collection. They seem to have been inserted to strengthen the book covers.

A good time to visit Tarazona is the 27 August for the El Cipotegato festival during which Cipotegato runs through the town dressed in a bright red, green and yellow, stripy outfit and is pelted by tomatoes as he runs past. Following this there is a week of music, parties and bullfights.

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The Veruela monastery which is one of the best in Aragon and in Spain is 15km south-east of Tarazona. The Monastery was built in the 12th century and its enormous church is a mix of Renaissance and Gothic. You can also see the cloisters and convent buildings.

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