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Trujillo is in the province of Caceres in the Extremadura region of Spain.

Trujillo is Extramadura's most beautiful town, and when its main square is floodlit at night it is one of the most beautiful in Spain. Trujillo has some fine medieval buildings but it is the architecture of the 15th and 16th century that is particularly impressive. At this time many Conquistadors built beautiful mansions and palaces in Trujillo. Many of these have been influenced by their owners travels in the Americas.

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Trujillo is built on a hill, at the top of which is a Moorish palace, built to defend Trujillo against the Spaniards in the Reconquest but in 1232 it was taken and became part of Christian Spain.

The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo is a large square the edges of which include several palaces and churches as well as bars and restaurants. The square is one of the best examples of 16th century Renaissance architecture in Spain.

In the square there is a bronze statue of Fernando Pizarro. Pizarro is the most famous of several Conquistadors who were born in Trujillo. Fernando Pizarro conquered Peru. His brother's mansion the Palacio del Marques de la Conquista is one of the best in Trujillo and is on the southwest corner of the Plaza Mayor. Take a close look at the corner window which is carved with the heads of Fernando and his brother and their Inca wives.


Another beautiful palace is the Palacio de Orellana-Pizarro. This is the best one to visit and has a lovely Renaissance arched doorway and attractive Plateresque patio. There are many other palaces to see.

Heading up from the Plaza Mayor towards the castle is the walled medieval part of Trujillo. This is called the 'Villa'. The buildings in the 'Villa' reflect the Roman, Moorish and Christian past of Trujillo. It is entered through one of the three remaining gateways.

Wandering through the cobbled streets of the Villa there are many fine buildings to admire. The nicest church in Trujillo is in this part of the town too, the Saint Mary church. There are great views fom the top of its tower.

Trujillo has a parador in the converted Convent of Santa Clara. The Parador de Trujillo is built around a central cloister with Renaissance arches and can be found near to the Plaza Mayor.

Trujillo has several museums including the Casa Museo Pizarro which is the former house of the Pizarros and is now open as a museum.The Museo de la Coria has exhibits related to the conquest.

Places to visit near Trujillo

The Monfrague National Park is close to Trujillo and is lovely countryside for walking and for spotting the black vultures and imperial eagles that live here.

The fabulous town of Caceres is to the east of Trujillo. Caceres is surrounded by medieval walls and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Guadalupe is nearby and its monastery is a pilgrim destination and one of Spain's top attractions.

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