Aragon places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Aragon region. See also our Aragon travel guide.

photo of Aguero


Aguero is sited at the foot of the Los Mollos mountains which are more of a big rounded cliff than traditional mountain.
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photo of Ainsa


Ainsa is an attractive medieval town with an arcaded main square. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns of Spain.
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photo of Albarracin


Albarracin is a beautiful town which won an international award for historical preservation
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photo of Alcaniz


Alcaniz castle, now a parador, rises above the town. Its old town contains medieval and Renaissance buildings.
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photo of Alquezar


Alquezar is situated above the Rio Vero canyon the combination of great views and moorish architecture makes this village well worth a visit.
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photo of Daroca


Daroca's medieval battlements and towers make this a very interesting town to visit.
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photo of Tarazona


Tarazona has lots of Moorish architecture including a cathedral which is a mix of gothic and mudejar style architecture.
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photo of Teruel


Teruel cathedral is a treat and the town boasts five Mudejar towers. A must for anyone interested in Mudejar architecture.
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photo of Zaragoza


Zaragoza, called Saragossa in English, is the capital of Aragon, fifth biggest town in Spain and an important centre of beautiful Mudejar buildings.
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