Here you can find many of our favourite places throughout Castilla-La Mancha with full reviews on Spain This Way...


Alarcon (Cuenca Province)

Alarcon is an extremely well preserved fortified village. Its castle is now a magnificent 4* parador.

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Alcala del Jucar

Alcala del Jucar (Albacete Province)

Alcala del Jucar is set in a circle of the river Jucar and the village houses rise up above each other with the white cliff behind them.

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Alcaraz (Albacete Province)

Alcaraz has a lovely Renaissance Plaza Mayor with two towers. It is one of the most beautiful in Spain.

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Almagro (Ciudad Real Province)

Almagro has a wonderful old town with a fully preserved 16th century open air theatre which is still used today.

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Atienza (Guadalajara Province)

Atienza is a medieval town with arcaded squares and is overlooked by the ruins of a 12th century castle.

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Belmonte (Cuenca Province)

Belmonte has one of the castles the region is famous for. Belmonte is 15th century and very well preserved.

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Consuegra (Toledo Province)

Consuegra is famous for its windmills which are on a ridge above the town along with a ruined castle. More can be seen at Campo de Criptana.

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Cuenca (Cuenca Province)

Cuenca sits dramatically on top of a gorge. Visit the hanging houses which are literally hanging over the edge.

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Toledo (Toledo Province)

Toledo is one of Spain's greatest cities. It has a number of historic sites in its centre and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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