Photo of Regions of Spain

Below we introduce each region of Spain - please see the individual travel guides for each region, or the suggested 'places to visit' articles for lots more information.

No idea where to start? The most popular Spanish regions include Catalonia (with Barcelona and the Costa Brava), Andalucia(for the Costa del Sol and fabulous Moorish architecture) and Valencia for the Costa Blanca). The most visited cities include Madrid, Barcelona and Seville and the popular islands include Tenerife and Mallorca.

Regions of Spain


Andalucia is the Southernmost part of Spain and is the land of flamenco, bullfights, sherry and stunning Moorish architecture. It is famous for its Costa del Sol coastline and sandy beaches.

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A very traditional part of Spain, surrounded on all sides by spectacular mountain scenery and with a wealth of Mudejar architecture.

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Asturias and Cantabria

A quiet region in the north of Spain with an attracive coastline, pretty seaside towns and, inland, the magnificent Picos de Europa mountain range.

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Castile and Leon

Castille and Leon is Spain's biggest region and contais a wealth of architecture making this region well worth a visit. Don't miss the beautiful cities of Salamanca and Leon.

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Castilla la Mancha

This is the region of Don Quijote's famous novel including the windmills at Consuegra. It is also home to the wonderful cities of Toledo and Cuenca.

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Centred around Barcelona, one of our favourite cities, Catalonia has much to offer, from wild countryside and medieval villages to popular sea resorts. It is also a strong artistic region with works of Gaudi and Dali very much present.

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A remote region of Spain with many remnants of its important Roman and Moorish past. The city of Caceres and the monastery at Guadalupe are particularly noteworthy.

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Galicia is green and heavily wooded, the coastline is made up of lots of tiny inlets and the area is renowned for its seafood. The pilgrim destination of Santiago de Compostela is a highlight of Galicia.

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Madrid and Madrid Province

Madrid, capital city of Spain and home to three world-class art galleries. Madrid province is also home to the remarkable El Escorial monastery

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Navarra and La Rioja (Basque Country)

A beautiful area with mountains, forests and sea. Visit this area for a truly tranquil holiday. San Sebastian is a chic and very lovely resort on the La Concha Bay.

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Valencia and Murcia

Valencia and Murcia lie on the Eastern coast of Spain. Each year millions of tourists come to the beaches in this part of Spain and the city of Valencia is rising in popularity as a city-break destination.

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The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca (Majorca) and Menorca have something to offer everyone and have long been some of our favourite destinations in Spain.

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The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the worlds most visited destinations and with good reason.

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Spain is not only one of the largest countries in Europe it is one of the most diverse. As well as mountains and beaches to attract visitors, there are orange groves, meadows and even desert.

Culturally as well there is something for everyone. Magnificent architecture such as the Alhambra palace or the Mezquita, remnants of Spain's moorish past.

Fabulous buildings of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles and on to Modern architecture such as the Casa Mila by Gaudi. Spain is also the birthplace of such renowned artists as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Salvador Dali.

On top of that add the wonderful Spanish cuisine and the very colourful festivals that take place throughout the year and it is difficult to resist a visit to Spain.


Spain has hundreds of interesting cities. In addition to its vibrant capital, Madrid, here are 9 of the most popular destinations:

* Barcelona - lively cosmopolitan city that is capital of the Catalans, and famous for the architecture of Antoni Gaudi
* Bilbao - former industrial city, home to the Guggenheim Museum.
* Cadiz - oldest city in Western Europe, celebrates a famous carnival
* Córdoba - The Grand Mosque ('Mezquita') of Cordoba is one of the world's finest buildings
* Granada - stunning city in the south and home of La Alhambra
* San Sebastián - wealthy city with a large sandy beach bay
* Salamanca - one of the most beautiful cities in Spain
* Seville - a beautiful, verdant city, and home to the world's largest cathedral.
* Valencia - very impressive Baroque architecture and remnants of its Moorish past make this a very attractive city.